Ta-da! Your taxes don't need to be taxing AF.

When it comes to handling tax season for you, we're basically money magicians for hire.

(Think: Instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, it's your completed tax returns & peace of mind.)


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Dreading the entire month of April stops right here.

Just kidding, we totally get why people hate it.

After all, tax season creates soul-crushing, shower-crying levels of stress, like:

Bickering with your partner over money stuff. (It's really common, and we've all been there.)
Getting crushed under your avananche of questions. (Why is finance jargon so %$#@ing hard to understand?!
Panicking that you screwed up something up on your taxes (and will get in trouble for it.)
Obsessing over saving every last cent (until you have exactly zero sanity.)
Minimizing your risk of a serious audit by The Man.
(We're talking about the IRS.)

New plan: We'll tackle your taxes.

You take a nap.

(Oh, and we'll also give you a calm, clear overview of your finances.)

From a base price of $150, we prepare your federal and 1 state tax returns.

Like, aaaalllll your tax returns.  In case you haven't heard, we're seasoned pros at all things personal, business, partnerships, trusts, and nonprofits.

Here's how we save the day*.

*If we save it super well, feel free to name your kid after us.  Just sayin'.
Bookkeeping and Tax has a catchy ring to it.  

In-Person Appointments

Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, we have decided to not have in-personal appointments at this time.  Please feel free to call, email, or utilize the drop box.  Stay safe.


Upload your documents through the client portal, and watch while it's all handled online.  We'll call or email when we are done.


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72% less cyring

The minute I started having complicated business taxes, I hired James to help me and it's led to me crying about 72% less when it comes to taxes.

Lacy Boggs

The Content Directional Agency

Financial Confidence

As a business owner, I needed to better understand whether my business was profitable and how to make sure it stayed that way.  Everyone else wanted to give me a spreadsheet, or simply said how they "could help" but not how.  James actually walked me through how to set up my accounts for success, and now I am confident that we're following the right steps month by month so there are no surprises at tax time.  That kind of confidence in my finances is worth every penny!

Katie Felten

Strategy House


I can not express how comforting it is to have someone to speak with about my tax situation without feeling judged.  James is so helpful. 

Saba  McKinley

Tax Client

Who has two thumbs and nothing to worry about this tax season?

You, once we chat.

Don't even think about doing your own bookkeeping until you read this.

Call first dibs on the go-to guide for handling your accounting and you'll be ready for a stress-free tax time. (We break it down into bite-sized steps that make complete cents.)

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