Number Review

You may feel like you have no freakin' clue what you should do first to make sure your numbers are in order, but we can help.

We'll walk you through the same process we'd use if doing your accounting for you.

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Get your accounting done and know that your accounting is accurate without second guessing yourself.

Do you feel like your accounting system is a hot mess?

Do you watch videos and read blog posts trying to figure out your accounting, yet you feel like have no clue how to apply that information to your situation?

Do you want to feel in more control of your business finances, so you can build the business of your dreams?

I know you want to be more proactive in your business.

I know you want to ask the right questions and understand your accounting.

I know you want to feel in control.

I know you feel like you are accounting challenged and understanding numbers is impossible.

I know you feel like you are alone trying to figure this out and will need to pay a butt load of money to get your accounting done for each year.

The truth is you are capable of understanding accounting.

Let me introduce my service Number Review.

A Number Review is my step-by-step process for cleaning up your accounting matter which system you use.

First, I comb through your accounting system with a fine tooth comb.  And I write down everything I notice that being done correctly, needs fixed, or not even being done at all.

Then you and I discuss everything I found.  UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND.

So this phone call may last an hour it may last a lot longer.  I don't care how long it takes.  You will not hang up from that phone call unless you have clarity so you can move forward.

Then after you make your changes, I'll do a final review to make sure all of my recommendations have been implemented.

Of course, I record our meeting together (which you'll have access to) and I provide you with the document I created.

You'll know exactly what to do to get your accounting done and when to do it.

Just had an amazing NUMBER REVIEW with James Krener! It was awesome!! I went from #overwhelmed to #relieved by the end of the call. Thanks so much James for keeping it simple and helping me get organized. And yes... I will review my numbers on a regular basis going forward. BIG THANKS!!!!

GeNienne Samuels,

Don't put off until tomorrow, what can be done today.

You've let your numbers go unseen for long enough.

Imagine you had a system to follow so you felt good about your accounting.

Now you may be thinking, "James, are you just trying to sell me on doing the accounting for me?"

No way. I would rather have you do your own accounting because understanding your numbers is critical to business success.

I show you my exact system for cleaning up an accounting system.  STEP. BY. STEP.

Here is what you get with a Number Review:

  • My documented step-by-step process customized to your business.
  • Access to the recording of our call so you can review it as much as you need.
  • A follow up review to ensure your changes are accurate.
  • Accounting support through out the entire process.
  • A sounding board for asking the questions you are too embarrassed to ask otherwise.
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You'd like to send invoices, get paid and review transactions knowing your accounting is accurate.

I get it.

A Number Review will allow you to begin the process of cleaning your books once and for all.  With confidence.

With my step-by-step process, I’ll hold your hand and walk you through how to set up your accounting system, how to fix what you have done so far and what you need to do going forward for your accounting.

And if you want to get your accounting done faster, I’ll show you my accounting ninja tips and tricks that no other accountants want you to know about.

Start making sure your accounting is correct today and become more strategic in your business.

Get the stress of your numbers off of your brain once and for all.  All you have to do is...

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Have you been thinking about hiring someone to do the number crunching for you?

You know your business is growing quickly and it's time to make things official.  Since you have so much going and have a big vision for where the business is going, it's imperative to put those financial foundations in place ASAP.

You may be thinking, "It’s scary to hire an accountant and find out you’ve been doing things “wrong” prior to hiring them!"  Maybe that's why you haven't hired someone previously. When you’re not sure where your business is going or if it’s going to be successful, it can also seem like a risky expense. But I want you to feel 100% confident hiring Krener Bookkeeping & Tax. Once you have an accountant on your side, everything else feels a whole lot less scary. Because you now you’re protected!

My job is to be on top of everything, follow up with you and check in regularly. I want you to feel taken care of and appreciated. I want to provide you with the same level of service you aim to provide to your customers or clients.