Bookkeeping & financial advisement that helps keep you sane - so you can focus on the important stuff.*

Get ready to become one of those fancy pants business owners who has it all together. (You don't even have to wear a suit jacket.)

*Examples include--but are not limited to--finding a new true crime series on Netflix, onboarding your new contractor or curling up in a patch of sunlight like a damn cat.


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Let's talk dough.

The green stuff.



Oh, wait. That's pizza.

Crust preferences aside (St. Louis thin crust with provolone cheese, FYI) we're standing by to make money fun for you again.

After all, you work hard for the cash you rake in.  We take that cash and create reconcilliatory reports and roadmaps that guide the way to your world domination.

In case you haven't heard, we're mind readers. And we know what you're thinking.  

"If I don't understand any of this, am I still a good fit?  Will you give me judgy eyes if I don't know any of the money lingo and my financials are disorganized.

Also why was Sally selling so many seashells by the seashore?  Hasn't she heard of the internet.

The short answer:  

We don't even know how to give judgy eyes.

The long answer:  

Here at Krener Bookkeeping & Tax we love working with people like you.

Yes, YOU.  Stop looking behind you.

From financial noobs to seasoned pros, we're here to demystify money so you can make great choices. 

We can rap about personal & business finances until the cows come home. And once they're home, we deliver the reports that really make a difference to your big-picture financial forecast--while ensuring your cash flow is government compliant.

It works something like this:  

You book a call, so we can get a feel for where your fiannces are at. (There are no wrong answers.)
When booking your call, let me know if you prefer the pa phone call, Skype, Zoom or in-person (socially distanced) meetup if we are neighbors.  In that case, howdy!  Your lawn looks great today. 
We do all the work for you.  Once we're clear on what your need, we'll send over a proposl for you to take a peak at.
After that, you'll have 24/7 access to your safe & secure client portal where you share your bank and credit card statements, tax forms and your favorite hot wing recipe.  (We keep this information outrageously protected.)
We work behind the scenes, completing the error-free financial reports that give you an easy-to-understand overview of your money.
We go over everything together with you, so you're never left wondering what the heck is happening.
Beyond bookkeeping, our check-ins deliver the sort of no-nonsense advice the can only come from industry experts like us.  It's more than money management.  It's financial advisement.

72% less crying

The minute I started having complicated business taxes, I hired James to help me and it's led to me crying about 72% less when it comes to taxes.

Lacy Boggs

The Content Directional Agency

Financial Confidence

As a business owner, I needed to better understand whether my business was profitable and how to make sure it stayed that way.  Everyone else wanted to give me a spreadsheet, or simply said how they "could help" but not how.  James actually walked me through how to set up my accounts for success, and now I am confident that we're following the right steps month by month so there are no surprises at tax time.  That kind of confidence in my finances is worth every penny!

Katie Felten

Strategy House


I can not express how comforting it is to have someone to speak with about my tax situation without feeling judged.  James is so helpful. 

Saba  McKinley

Tax Client

Ever wonder how successful humans sleep so soundly at night?

They hire people like us to help with their accounts.

Just book a call to get the ball rollin'.

Don't try doing your taxes without having all information you need.  

Call first dibs on the tax season checklist I give new clients and you'll be ready for a stress-free tax time. (It's only 1 page!)

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Don't try doing your taxes without having all information you need.  

Call first dibs on the tax season checklist I give new clients and you'll be ready for a stress-free tax time. (It's only 1 page!)