Become your own accountant

(And actually do it right.)

Meet the step-by-step online course that puts you in control of your money right where you want it -- back in your hands.

*If you actually don't want to self-manage your finances & the idea freaks you out, you're not alone.  Our done-for-you service might feel a little better in your bones.  Just sayin'.


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You're cordially invited to cheat off our papers.

Here's the dealio.  This isn't some quick one-off webinar that makes you enter your email address, boots you out the door, and then spams your inbox.

This is a comprehensive walk through that walks you through every single piece of your accounting process.

From starting your accounting system (We'll be using Wave Apps) to prepare financial statements and filing your taxes, you'll feel comfortable - and be in legal compliance - across the board.

Fun fact:
This course keeps you out of jail.


Taxes are justifiably stressful.

There are constantly upcoming deadlines (Think: quarterly taxes), red tape to cut, hoops to jump through, and stacks of different forms to file at different times.

And to top it all off? The accounting world is filled to the brim with industry-specific jargon that makes it hard to keep up.

It can be a lot.

Lucky for you, you no longer have to worry about the what-ifs.

What if I miss a deadline with the Big Bad government?
What if my address changes and I'm not getting communications from the IRS?
What if I don't know how much I owe?
What if I don't know where to start?
What if I'm kind of embarrassed about my finances?
What if my current accountant dies?
What if my tax pro isn't doing their job right?
What if I make a billion dollars and enter a new tax bracket?

We see your questions and raise you this:

What if you felt confident managing your accounting system until the end of time?
What if you were completely in control of your financials, falling asleep each night know everything is in order?
What if all this really scary tax stuff suddenly gets simple?

72% less crying

The minute I started having complicated business taxes, I hired James to help me and it's led to me crying about 72% less when it comes to taxes.

Lacy Boggs

The Content Directional Agency

Financial Confidence

As a business owner, I needed to better understand whether my business was profitable and how to make sure it stayed that way.  Everyone else wanted to give me a spreadsheet, or simply said how they "could help" but not how.  James actually walked me through how to set up my accounts for success, and now I am confident that we're following the right steps month by month so there are no surprises at tax time.  That kind of confidence in my finances is worth every penny!

Katie Felten

Strategy House


I can not express how comforting it is to have someone to speak with about my tax situation without feeling judged.  James is so helpful. 

Saba  McKinley

Tax Client

By the way, we're really good at this.  And we're delivering our directly to your inbox.

We've been professional accountants for 11 years, which means we've memorized every step of the accounting process.

Don't try doing your taxes without having all information you need.  

Call first dibs on the tax season checklist I give new clients and you'll be ready for a stress-free tax time. (It's only 1 page!)

P.S. We can't wait to work our assets off for you.

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