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Our financial services are always on the money.

We're Krener Bookkeeping & Tax, and we do it for you     plus teach you how to do it yourself (if that's your thing).


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You're not alone, y'know.

And no, we don't mean that in an X-Files kinda way  (though we have strong opinions about aliens, too.)

We mean that if you feel lost under a mountain of financial speak and stressful deadlines, you're not the first person to panic.  Like, not even close.

We mean that if you're a little embarrassed about your tax organization (or lack there of), we're your financial BFFs who can help - no judgement.

Also we mean that aliens probably exist. 😂 👽

Just kidding.  Kind of.


From starting an accounting system from scratch to prepping your financial statements, this course covers every detail of doing it yourself.


We file your tax returns on-time and error free, so you can spend a little extra time frolicking through the nearest field (& finally relax).


Pass off every element of your accounting and bookkeeping to our team of pros who can't wait to help you realize how much you are getting paid.

72% less crying

The minute I started having complicated business taxes, I hired James to help me and it's led to me crying about 72% less when it comes to taxes.

Lacy Boggs

The Content Directional Agency

Financial Confidence

As a business owner, I needed to better understand whether my business was profitable and how to make sure it stayed that way.  Everyone else wanted to give me a spreadsheet, or simply said how they "could help" but not how.  James actually walked me through how to set up my accounts for success, and now I am confident that we're following the right steps month by month so there are no surprises at tax time.  That kind of confidence in my finances is worth every penny!

Katie Felten

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I can not express how comforting it is to have someone to speak with about my tax situation without feeling judged.  James is so helpful. 

Saba  McKinley

Tax Client

Don't even think about doing your own bookkeeping until you read this.

Call first dibs on the go-to guide for handling your accounting and tax prep without paying the pros.  (We break it down into bite-sized steps that make complete cents.)