Are you always trying to get your


You want to have everything together and perfect before you start the next project.  I’d like that too.

But guess what?

If you wait for all your “ducks” to line up, you could be waiting years. Do you really want to wait that long?

Let’s face it.

This number stuff can feel overwhelming.  The IRS has made understanding your tax return nearly impossible.  Trust me I get it.  You’d rather be working on a marketing plan versus accounting.  I have worked with hundreds of business owners over the years from all walks of life.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I think business owners would enjoy working on your transactions if they understand the process.


I’m James Krener, the owner of Krener Bookkeeping & Tax. My team and I truly believe in the transformative power of understanding your numbers and their ability to simplify and direct your business decisions.  Good numbers come from consistency. We are excited to start a conversation with you about you, your business and your numbers.

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