75Hard.  The struggle is real.

Today we slept in.  A little bit.  Until 6 am...lol.  We then drove to Sheve Park in Mascoutah, IL.

We walked around the track a couple of times...we basically walked for an hours.  I'll have to remember to bring a towel with me, especially when I'm riding in Hannah's "new" car.  I was a sweaty bastard.  It was disgusting. 

Today was a pretty boring day.  We didn't do much.  I didn't finish mowing the grass and did the weed eating.  I think of lawn mowing as exercise.  But I could definitely think of more interesting things to do.

Later that evening we watched the worst movie EVER.  The Assistant.  Here is the movie description from online:

"The Assistant" follows one day in the life of Jane (Julia Garner), a recent college graduate and aspiring film producer, who has recently landed her dream job as a junior assistant to a powerful entertainment mogul. Her day is much like any other assistant's -- making coffee, changing the paper in the copy machine, ordering lunch, arranging travel, taking phone messages, onboarding a new hire. But as Jane follows her daily routine, she, and we, grow increasingly aware of the abuse that insidiously colors every aspect of her work day, an accumulation of degradations against which Jane decides to take a stand, only to discover the true depth of the system into which she has entered.

    To be honest, I don't get it.  Nothing really happened in the movie.  Save your $5.99 and don't rent this from Apple.  You might as well as watch Tusks.  At least it's on Netflix and free, but it's another fucked up movie.

    Okay, let's get down to business and start the 75Hard check in.  

    1. Stick to a diet.

    I tracked ALL my food today.  I ate all my calories.  I'm using the Lose It app and it calculates my daily calories as 1900.  You may think it's a lot, but they go pretty fast.  

    For breakfast, I had a peanut butter Cliff Bar before our walk.  When we got back I had 3 large eggs.   

    Lunch was a repeat of yesterday.  I had 4 slices of lunch meat on two slices of bread with a Velveeta cheese slice and Miracle whip.  I also had 4 tablespoons of ranch dip with 2 services of Xochitl chips.  Quite yummy.  

    Dinner I made round steak seasoned with the free sample we received with our Walmart pick up ort.  I also cooked a couple of pork steaks to eat to tomorrow night.  

    Kate made asparagus with parmesan cheese and croissants.  

    This was a great meal and it didn't take very long to make.  

    2. Do two 45-minutes workouts.

    Done.  We walked for an hour this morning.  Then I mowed the lawn which was more than 30 minutes.  Yes, I consider mowing the lawn exercise.  Don't judge me.

    3. No alcohol or cheat meals.

    No drinks.  No cheat meals.  

    4. Drink a gallon of water.

    Done.  I still can't get over how much I need to go to the bathroom.  Getting up in the middle of the night is driving me crazy.

    5. Read 10 pages of an entrepreneurial book.

    Today I started Online Programs That Sell my Maria Andros.  She has an interesting perspective on marketing and creating online courses.  '

    6. Progress picture of the day.

    I'm going to use our YouTube Check in today.

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