75Hard.  We got this!

Today I popped out of bed around 4:50 and let the puppies out.  They didn't even want to get out of bed.  I had to carry them to door and set them on the stairs.  Slowly they made their way to the lawn and took care of "business". 

My back still hurts, but tomorrow I have my chiropractor appointment.  I excited for that.

1. Stick to a diet.

Again...not so good with the tracking.  didn't do so good with tracking.

I had 3 cups of honey nut cheerios and quite a few strawberries.

Lunch I had 3 hot dogs on plain bread.  A little ketchup, mustard and pickle relish.  Yummy.  I also had a serving of Xochitl chips and spicy salsa dip.  Hit the spot.  

Dinner I made cheeseburgers and french fries.   It's no McDonald's but pretty tasty.  

For dessert, I had a can of refrigerated pears.  OMG.  One of my favorites.  

2. Do two 45-minutes workouts.

Done.  We walked for an hour this morning.  Then I went for a walk after dinner for 30 minutes.  For some reason, the second walk was easier than the first.  

3. No alcohol or cheat meals.

No drinks.  No cheat meals.  

4. Drink a gallon of water.

Today I finished my gallon early.  Apparently getting up twice a night is going to part of my regular routine.  

5. Read 10 pages of an entrepreneurial book.

I'm still watching  Online Programs That Sell by Christian Michelson.  It's a 3 day program.  Today is day 3.  I think I'm going to have to watch some parts over again.

6. Progress picture of the day.

How you doing? 

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