And so we begin 75Hard...

What is 75Hard?

75Hard  is a challenge created by Andy Frisella, creator of the MFCEO podcast, author, entrepreneur.

He has a long list of accomplishments.  But the most interesting fact I learned about Andy is that her lives in St. Louis, MO.  I'm just across the river in Illinois.  Not far at all.

Here is the 75Hard challenge:

☑️ Follow a diet.  This can be the diet of your choice, but it must be a structured plan designed with a physical improvement in mind.

☑️ You must complete two 45-minute workouts. One of those workouts MUST be outdoors.

☑️ Absolutely NO alcohol or cheat meals.

☑️ Take a progress picture every day.

☑️ Drink 1 gallon of water.

☑️ Read 10 pages of a book.  **Audiobooks DO NOT COUNT.



You have until you go to sleep to complete the day.

If you fail, you MUST start over on Day 1.

Here is my take on it.

I agree with some of the ideas behind the challenge and not others.  

I agree with following a diet.  I'm using the Lose It! app and following the calories that it recommends.

I agree with the two 45-minute workouts.  But apparently this is a challenge.  I'll explain a little later.

No alcohol or cheat meals.  I agree with this but I also think that if it's within the diet plan you are using, why not eat it?  

Take a progress picture.  I agree with this too.  The only way to see the progress you have made is to have a way to record your results.

Drink a gallon of water.  This one is challenging for me.  I don't drink much water to begin with but I do think it's a critical piece to being healthy.

Read 10 pages of a book.  I agree with this, but definitely think you can listen to an audio book.  I'm sure there is some sort of behavioral reasoning behind this but for now, I'm listening to a book or online course each day. 

The BIG piece of this I don't agree with is that you are supposed to start over the 75 days if you "mess" up.  I'd never finish then.  But maybe the first 75 days will be for me to develop the good habits I need to keep moving forward.  The next 75 days, I'll be more strict.  We'll see how this plays out.

Day 1

We woke up at 5 am.  That was actually pretty easy for me.  Kate and I wake up pretty early usually anyway.  

We walked around our neighborhood for two laps, which took close to an hour.  No, it's not a big neighborhood.  We are just that slow and just getting started.

Came back home and had breakfast.  I had a Cliff bar and a little later made an egg white sandwich that was a little more filling.

Then I went to the office and started working.

Around lunchtime I heard Kate and Hannah go downstairs to finish their exercise time.  I didn't.  I was already in pain.  Sore.  I didn't really feel up to it.

I made lunch.  I ate 3 turkey hot dogs on a bun and had some Chex Mix.  Did I need to eat 3?  No probably not...but I did.

Around 3 I got in the shower and then went to my office to meet with 3 clients...separately of course.  I am practicing social distancing.   That went pretty smooth.  I headed back home.

I think it was about 4:30 when I got home.  It was raining.  But I thought it would be a great chance for her to get some driving experience in the rain.  So we jumped into her car and drove around for a while.  I think 6 different cars passed us on the way to

When I got back home I made dinner.  Weight Watcher's version of beef and broccoli.  It was pretty yummy.  After eating diner I was stuffed.  I never really feel that way after a meal but all the water I've been drinking all day has begun to take it's toll.  

Kate and I tried to go for a walk but it was raining.  We decided to relax a little and get ready for our first YouTube 75Hard Check In.  Here is the video below.

In conclusion, I survived the first day of 75Hard.  It was a little challenging but I think this is very doable.  Just stick with it and you'll feel really good about it.  Until tomorrow.